Infinitum Flame is a Network Marketing company that created a new business concept and a development model based on new technologies. This allows us to offer our users and distributors around the world a unique opportunity that is distinguished by the variety of products and services we offer and by an important set of advantages that facilitate and make profitable the work of our distributors.

What we offer

Great variety of products and services, great opportunities to make your effort profitable.

Infinitum Payment


We facilitate the use of cryptocurrency and possess our own token on regulated markets.

  • Wallets
  • Recharge of mobile balance
  • Load of prepaid cards
  • Purchase of gift card
  • Coins exchange

Total Commerce


We offer to establishments and businesses a unique set of tools and opportunities.

  • Our Infinitum Commerce application that allows you to accept payments with cryptocurrencies and offer special discounts.
  • Our application for bitcoin exchange. A new business opportunity for small establishments or for big malls.

Infinitum Shopping


Why strive to create a commercial network in order to sell only one product line?

  • Cosmetics and perfumes
  • Nutrition and wellness
  • Fashion and accessories
  • Electronics
  • Telephony

An unrivalled business on a global scale


Now our Infinitum Shopping platform allows you to register suppliers of any type of products generating important commissions for the sale of products and the registration of suppliers.

Never was so easy

Infinitum Flame, the company that helps you to grow.

A unique and free application

It has never been so easy to invite someone into a network.

Now you can invite a new partner to register for free and start using some of the tools of our application, soon this partner will become a customer or a new distributor of your structure.

Earn residuals with each supplier

Infinitum Shopping offers you more facilities to grow.

Now in Infinitum Shopping you can also earn important residuals from each supplier you register as you will receive a commission for each sale you make forever. The only condition is that you are qualified as a distributor. Get informed and start looking for suppliers.

An excellent compensation plan

Our compensation Plan is created in order to suit the type of service or product we sell.

We always look for the biggest benefits for our distributors with a clear, fair and easy-to-understand Compensation Plan. A Plan that helps the one who starts and rewards the one who works by creating commercial equipment.

The Application

Download here the INFINITUM application.

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Google Play

The New Payment Systems

More Information

Download the presentations to learn more about the aspects of the project.